Spirits of the Adirondack Mountains

Spirits of the Adirondack Mountains
Author : Tom Tolnay
Publisher :
Total Pages : 115
Release : 2000-12-03
ISBN 10 : 0913559679
ISBN 13 : 9780913559673
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

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Spirits of the Adirondack Mountains
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Featuring 36 delightful wood engravings by Frank C Eckmair, this book is a charming account of the ghosts and other forms of spirit life in the six-million acre
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In February 2000 Guy Waterman died in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In recognition of the renewed interest in his life and work, The Countryman Press is
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In The Adirondack Park McMartin has aptly likened the various wild forest, wilderness, recreation, and primitive areas to a patchwork quilt, with landscapes con
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Who are the real campers? Through-hiking backpackers traversing the Appalachian Trail? The family in an SUV making a tour of national parks and sleeping in tent
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