Remarkable Retirement Volume 1

Remarkable Retirement Volume 1 by Mark Imperial
Could there be a way to have peace of mind in retirement? In this book, you'll meet a select group of Retirement Planning Professionals who are true advocates for the success of soon-to-be and present retirees. They shed light on some of the unknown factors surrounding the topic of Money and Retirement Planning, so that more people can gain a greater understanding of what it takes to have a Remarkable Retirement. "Remarkable Retirement: Conversations with Leading Retirement Experts and Financial Advisors" was created as a series of live interviews, which makes it read like a series of conversations, rather than a traditional book that talks at you. Inside, you'll find tips and insights from Retirement Planning Experts and Financial Advisors who are in the trenches, working hard every day. They have generously shared their expertise in these pages to benefit a great cause. Dive into "Remarkable Retirement: Conversations with Leading Retirement Experts and Financial Advisors" and learn tips and see answers to the most common questions, myths and misconceptions so many people have about retirement.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Retirement Series, Volume 8

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Retirement Series, Volume 8 by Thomas Jefferson
Volume Eight of the project documenting Thomas Jefferson's last years presents 591 documents dated from 1 October 1814 to 31 August 1815. Jefferson is overjoyed by American victories late in the War of 1812 and highly interested in the treaty negotiations that ultimately end the conflict. Following Congress's decision to purchase his library, he oversees the counting, packing, and transportation of his books to Washington. Jefferson uses most of the funds from the sale to pay old debts but spends some of the proceeds on new titles. He resigns from the presidency of the American Philosophical Society, revises draft chapters of Louis H. Girardin's history of Virginia, and advises William Wirt on revolutionary-era Stamp Act resolutions. Jefferson criticizes those who discuss politics from the pulpit, and he drafts a bill to transform the Albemarle Academy into Central College. Monticello visitors Francis W. Gilmer, Francis C. Gray, and George Ticknor describe the mountaintop and its inhabitants, and Gray's visit leads to an exchange with Jefferson about how many generations of white interbreeding it takes to clear Negro blood. Finally, although death takes his nephew Peter Carr and brother Randolph Jefferson, the marriage of his grandson Thomas Jefferson Randolph is a continuing source of great happiness. Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.

The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen

The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen by Roy P. Webber
Ray Harryhausens animated creatures sparkled with predatory alertness and subtle quirks of behavior that stamped each with a distinct and memorable personality. His use of stop-motion animation a method of animating movable models and puppets brought dinosaurs and monsters to life on the silver screen. Many animators and special effects wizards, like Phil Tippett of Jurassic Park and Jim Aupperle of Planet of Dinosaurs who are still working on prehistoric-based films, openly credit Ray Harryhausen as having influenced their careers. His films are famous for being among the very best of the genre. The first chapter of this book chronicles Harryhausens for mative years and work on numerous 16mm experiments, beginning with his viewing of King Kong in 1933. The next four chapters cover his four feature-length dinosaur films, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The Animal World, One Million Years B.C. and The Valley of Gwangi. These chapters provide extensive information about all aspects of the staging of their stop-motion content and many additional facets of the overall production process. The paleontological accuracy of his saurians from a modern perspective is also examined. A chapter on his work and experiences in the 1970s and beyond discusses potential dinosaur projects, as well as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, which is not a saurian film, but does include the bat-winged homunculus. An appendix covers a number ofdinosaur-related films that Harryhausen had a hand in.

The Transformation of Citizenship, Volume 1

The Transformation of Citizenship, Volume 1 by Juergen Mackert
The Transformation of Citizenship addresses the basic question of how we can make sense of citizenship in the twenty-first century. These volumes make a strong plea for a reorientation of the sociology of citizenship and address serious threats of an ongoing erosion of citizenship rights. Arguing from different scientific perspectives, rather than offering new conceptions of citizenship as supposedly more adequate models of rights, membership and belonging, they deal with both the ways citizenship is transformed and the ways it operates in the face of fundamentally transformed conditions. This volume Political Economy discusses manifold consequences of a decades-long enforcement of neo-liberalism for the rights of citizens. As neo-liberalism not only means a new form of economic system, it has to be conceived of as an entirely new form of global, regional and national governance that radically transforms economic, political and social relations in society. Its consequences for citizenship as a social institution are no less than dramatic. Against the background of both manifest and ideological processes the book looks at if citizenship has lost the basis it has rested upon for decades, or if the institution itself is in a process of being fundamentally transformed and restructured, thereby changing its meaning and the significance of citizens’ rights. This book will appeal to academics working in the field of political theory, political sociology and European studies.

Progress and Challenges of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

Progress and Challenges of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes by Robert Holzmann
The individual account-based but unfunded approach to mandated public pension systems is a reform benchmark for all pension schemes, promising fair and financially sustainable benefits. Nonfinancial defined contribution (NDC) pension schemes originated in Italy and Sweden in the 1990s, were then adopted by Latvia, Norway, and Poland, envisaged but not implemented in various other countries, such as Egypt and Russia, and remain under discussion in many nations around the world, such as China and France. In its complete form, the approach also comprises budget-financed basic income provisions and mandated or voluntary funded provisions. Volume 1 of this book offers an assessment of countries that were early adopters before addressing key aspects of policy implementation and design review, including how best to combine basic income provisions with an NDC scheme, how to deal with heterogeneity in longevity, and how to adjust NDC scheme design and labor market policies to deliver on reform expectations. Volume 2 addresses a second set of issues, including the gender pension gap and what family policies can do about it within the NDC framework, labor market issues and administrative challenges of NDC schemes and how countries are coping, the role of communication in these pension schemes, the complexity of cross-border pension taxation, and much more. Progress and Challenges of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes is the third in a series of books analyzing the progress, challenges, and adjustment options of this reform revolution for mandated public pension systems. 'Pension reform is a major issue in many countries. The development of the nonfinancial defined contribution pension plan in the 90's was a major advance in pension design. By reporting actual country experiences and exploring properties of plan designs, this latest collection of essays is a valuable contribution, well worth reading.' Peter Diamond Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2010 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 'A highly stimulating publication for policy makers and researchers alike. It pushes the analytical frontier for policy challenges that all public pension schemes are confronted with but that the nonfinancial defined contribution approach promises to handle best.' Noriyuki Takayama President, Research Institute for Policies on Pension and Aging, Tokyo, and professor emeritus, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo 'In a changing world where pensions are more than ever linked to labor markets, communication tools, and flexibility considerations, this anthology provides a unique up-to-date analysis of nonfinancial defined contribution pension schemes. By mixing international experiences and theoretical studies, it demonstrates the high adaptability of such pension schemes to changing social challenges.' Pierre Devolder Professor of Finance and Actuarial Sciences, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
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